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Every Day
Boss Arcane Golem
Map Arcane Trace (CH 3)
Time 17:00 Server Time
Every Saturday
Boss Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Map Lakeside (CH 4)
Time 16:00 Server Time
Capella 2119 1550 Procyon
October 25th

We are crazy this week and tell on Yul's bitch to give you chance! What change? Go on Green Despair and check yourself! Be the best baby!

Event Duration: 13.10.2014, 00:01h to 18.10.2014, 00:01h server time
[EVENT] Vote all the time!

That's right, we are now going to motivate you to vote more for Sky CABAL. Not only you will be able to get eCoins, but and more players into your server.

Vote Event
x3 Vote Rates for 5 days : 13.10.2014 ~ 18.10.2014, 00:01h
x2 Vote Rates for 5 days : 18.10.2014 ~ 22.10.2014, 00:01h

And all you have to do is vote and tell your friends to vote!

I hope you like it!
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