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Every Day
Boss Arcane Golem
Map Arcane Trace (CH 3)
Time 17:00 Server Time
Every Saturday
Boss Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Map Lakeside (CH 4)
Time 16:00 Server Time
Capella 1954 1362 Procyon
August 27th
[EVENT] Change your Nation!

Many of you perhaps are angry, that at first time chosen wrong the Nation of their characters? This weekend we give you chance to correct your mistake.
During this weekend you can change your character Nation with 90% discount, so the pices is:

100 eCoins of dominant Nation and
10 eCoins of another Nation from our website a many times who as ever you want and each your change.

Event start 02.08 (00:01AM) and end 04.08 (00:01AM) server time.
[EVENT] Vote all the time!

That's right, we are now going to motivate you to vote more for Sky CABAL. Not only you will be able to get eCoins, but and more players into your server.

Vote Event
x3 Vote Rates for this weekend : 02.08.2014 ~ 04.08.2014, 00:01h
x2 Vote Rates for 7 days : 04.08.2014 ~ 11.08.2014, 00:01h

And all you have to do is vote and tell your friends to vote!

I hope you like it!
[EVENT] Vote all the time!
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[EVENT] Vote all the time!
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