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Every Day
Boss Arcane Golem
Map Arcane Trace (CH 3)
Time 17:00 Server Time
Every Saturday
Boss Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Map Lakeside (CH 4)
Time 16:00 Server Time
Capella 2275 1589 Procyon
November 27th
[EVENT] Donation & Vote Event

It's winter time, save some money for your vacation with our donation and vote events.
But remember is activated only for a short period of time!

Donate Event

+50% Donate Rates for 7 days : 17.11.2014 ~ 24.11.2014, 00:01h

Vote Event

x2 Vote Rates for 5 days : 17.11.2014 ~ 22.11.2014, 00:01h
[NOTE] GA Application

Sky CABAL has a team of Game Advisers, who can help new players getting started or show the places around. Members of this team are also qualified for guiding those, who already got some knowledge about the game, but may feel lost at what next steps they must take in order to progress further.

Game Advisers have a tag (GA) in their name. The tag comes always first and has the brackets around the letters. Here is an example: (GA)Example

Please note that GAs are like normal players - they may not always be able to see your messages. It is the case when you try messaging them a war zone having a different to their nation. To avoid such, remember to come on map that is not a war zone and only then attempt at writing to them.

GA's responsibility towards players is to provide a sufficient amount of information that could answer their questions.

Would you like to join our GA team?
Let us know about your candidacy and we will consider it! ...
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[NOTE] T-Point Increases
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[EVENT] Winter events
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